The Weld House fabricates modern steel furniture that is unlike anything you will ever find in a retail store. Our American made pieces are designed, cut and welded in-house. All projects are handmade to order and built to accommodate your specific needs. We occasionally have a few pieces in stock, but we strive to include the buyer in the design and fabrication. While under construction, each piece’s photos are hosted online, and its owner may follow along as his or her project is taking shape.

Every piece is crafted to be unique. While size and shape can be replicated, most of the colorful sheetmetal pieces are one-of-a-kind.   The colors you see are original to the vehicle: not altered or created, except by mother nature over time. We spend alot of time searching for 1950s-1980s cars and trucks with metal surfaces weathered and worn to a beautiful mixture of solid color and patina.

We didn’t set out to build eco-friendly furniture. We concentrated on our love of cool, modern and industrial pieces for your home that incorporate new and reclaimed materials. Some, however, happen to end up quite “green.” And we like that element too.

100% reclaimed pieces are available.